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ESL for 2020 is Underway!

English as a Second Language

Every Wednesday from 6:30-8:30 pm, people from many different nations, age ranges and proficiency levels gather to have fun and learn English from native speakers. This all is costing our students no money thanks to the donations and volunteer hours of many gracious individuals. 

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Investing in the Next Generation

Afterschool Kids Club

Monday Evenings from 6:30 – 8pm, kids from all over the neighborhood are gathered to have fun and learn about God in a safe environment. Kids learn responsibility, how to interact healthily with others and can experience the care and love that many can lack in their day to day lives.

Now Accepting New Gardeners!

Community Garden

Inner cities can often be ‘food deserts’ and lack basic access to fresh fruits and vegetables. The first of its kind in the neighborhood, a community garden, complete with raised beds, supplied soil, locked premises and a very small maintenance fee, is offering non-native US Citizens the opportunity to meet new friends and grow the foods they loved so much from back home.

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New Worker to Come Fall 2020!

Leadership Team

Envision Providence is truly only possible because of a network of hundreds of individuals, organizational leadership and accountability from several boards. On the ground however, there are those who can be seen day in and day out sweeping, mopping, planning, and executing to keep the mission always moving forward toward its goals. Rob and Amy Childs as well as Robbie Haddad, and soon others, are completely supported by gracious donors and they’d love your prayers, support and your help if you’re up to the task

Electrical and Construction Help Needed!

Living Spaces

Envision’s mission is two-fold: to reach the community and to build up leaders. In order to house teams and interns that come to serve, we are in the process of renovating a large portion of our main building into dorms and living spaces for all who want to come be a part of the mission. Without these living spaces, our capacity for volunteers and leadership will be weakened. However, once the dorms are completed, we’ll be able to run full capacity and take massive action toward a brighter future in South Providence.

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$33,905 Raised

Transportation Campaign

Hundreds of children live within driving distance of our center, but don’t have the means to make it there safely. Beyond this, construction and moving projects are a constant reality, but are slowed due to a lack of proper transportation. With the help and generosity of many individuals just like you, we’re making a way. We’re on our way toward a goal of $19,700 for a van capable of transporting cargo and passengers for many years to come.

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