Below is the 2019 Summer Schedule for mission trips. If you are interested in booking your team to participate or join one of these week-long events, contact us on the Get Involved page.

6/9-6/14 Demolition Week One

Come be part of removing old flooring, paint, trim, doors, ceilings and walls to prepare the site for future construction.

6/16-6/21 Demolition Week Two

Continue where week one left off preparing for future construction

6/23-6/28 VBS and Framing

Orrville C&MA from Orrville, OH will be running a Vacation Bible School for area youth while simultaneously working on building construction.

7/7-7/12 Framing/Drywall Week One

Come frame out and drywall new bathrooms, kitchens, closets, dormitories, and offices.

7/14-7/19 Framing/Drywall Week Two

Come hang drywall in bathrooms, kitchens, closets, dormitories, and offices.

7/21-7/26 Basketball Camp

Shawnee Alliance from Lima, OH will be hosting a basketball camp for area youth.

8/2-8/4 Community Garden

Centro Cristiano de Adoracion will be finishing the community garden including raising the greenhouse and possible raid barrel system installation.

8/5-8/9 Bathroom and Dorm Week

Faith Alliance Church from Attleboro, MA will be working to finish two dormitories and 3 offices.

8/11-8/16 Kitchenette and Offices

Come be part of installing a kitchenette and offices for Envision staff and future interns and residents.

8/18-8/23 Painting Week

Come be part of painting all the work that happened over the summer including interior and exterior spaces.

8/25-8/29 Open